I partecipanti alla ECFI Study Visit raccontano la Fondazione MB

"Inclusive, curious and caring, those are characteristics of the community foundation we have experienced in our visit" – Rosa, Spain

"I'm really impressed with the people of CFMB. I feel inspired to work to develop my CF. Grazie mille!" Daniela, Bulgaria

"I see motivated and and ispired people everywhere I go in Monza. This is the most important factor causing positive changes" – Zurab, Georgia

"Wonderful, unstoppable european moment of Community Foundations: thank you Monza!"

"Visiting the Foundation and the projects has been brillant. Now when my relatives in Concorezzo ask me what I do, I can say go to Monza and see the Foundation work: I do that in the UK" – Adam, UK

"Ispired by the sense of Community and helping each other unconditionally to build a stronger community" – Klotilda, Albania

"I was impressed by the wonderful people that the CF works with and the very thoughtful projects they support" – Mihaela, Northumberland 

"Dear FCMB, I think you have it all figured out so keep up the good job! Forza Monza!" – Marila, Serbia

"Thank you for the given opportunity to get acquainted with your experience of work. Russia and Italy are situated far away from each other, but we as you also develop philantropy and we try to support active citizen who change life for the best. I Wish you success and wlecome to the north of Russia" – Marina, Russia

"It was a good experience, not just see the problems but find opportunities to problems. FCMB I think is different and makes greats things. Thank you!" – Victoria, Ucraina

"It was a thoughtfull experience. And it was a pleasure to know about so many different communities" – Claudia, Italia

"It's always inspiring to meet new people from different countries and backgrounds. I hope it will help developing news ideas for the group" –  Matilde, Italia

"What remarkable collecion of people and resources, with new ideas, the CF Monza Brianza has been able to find and connect for the good of the territory" – Anonimo

"Example of well functioning community where people care for each other" – Anonimo

"Really bright, toughtfull people I met here in Monza, in the Foundation. I have discovered Italy (at least this part) in the best possible way: great stories! Thank you" – Anonimo